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Creation '18

Chantal Yzermans/Radical Low invites musician/composer Hantrax  and visual artist Edwin Deen to work together on a new  project which gravitates around the ritual of the Parades. The three  artists appropriate the origins of the March, rooted in popular music, with its typical binary code, enhancing the soul and the body of the performers, where one loses one's individuality to blend into another entity: the group. Deen, Yzermans and Hantrax are interested in its powerful potential, as it represents a liberating tool as much as a restraining traditional discipline. 

This ambiguous quality drives to different and opposite directions and interpretations which is the core of this research.

Their collaboration will culminate into a 3 act performance that will be presented in non-traditional urban settings, unannounced and DYI spirit.

In May 2017 at La Briqueterie, Centre de Développement Chorégraphique Val de Marne, they will work on the first act infused by Tchaikovsky’s Apotheosis of the ballet ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and the American ‘Ticker Tape Parade’. In June Tanzhaus Zurich invites Yzermans and Hantrax  to continue their rehearsals. An open studio moment will be held June 23th in the studios of Tanzhaus Zurich. In December 2017 Deen, Yzermans and Hantrax will spend time together thanks to an artistic residency at Buda Kunstencentrum Kortrijk (BE). 


Chantal Yzermans

Original music


Visual Art

Edwin Deen


Chantal Yzermans & Hantrax & Edwin Deen


Jan Fabre/Troubleyn (BE)


La Briqueterie Centre de développement chorégraphique Val de Marne (FR)

Tanzhaus Zurich ( S)

Buda Kunstencentrum Kortrijk (BE)

Jan Fabre/Troubleyn (BE)

a Radical Low production 2018