Chantal Yzermans is a Belgian choreographer and dancer creating performances in collaboration with artists in visual arts, music and dance. As a dancer she lived and worked in New York City from 2000 till 2006. There she  studied daily for 5 years with Merce Cunningham and his company. In 2007, the Belgian multidisciplinary artist, playwright, stage director, choreographer and designer Jan Fabre offered Chantal an artistic residency where she created the ensemble Radical Low, an open structure that facilitates the production of highly diverse projects and interdisciplinary collaborations.

From 2008 till today Chantal Yzermans/Radical Low collaborated with venues such as Vooruit Kunstencentrum Gent (BE), Teatro Danza Canal Madrid (ES), Movement Research NYC (USA), Buda Kunstencentrum (BE), Mimecentrum Berlin (D), Tanzhaus Zurich (S), Bains Connective Brussels (BE),La Briqueterie Centre de développement chorégraphique (FR), Monty Theater (BE)

Chantal's fascination for movement is rooted in the investigation of the human body: the human body as the subject and the object in our society, with its historical, socio-political and cultural developments. Her latest creations all gravitate around nature versus technology, contemporary rituals, and the place of the individual in our society.

 For 2018 Chantal Yzermans/Radical Low invites musician/composer Hantrax and visual artist Edwin Deen to work together on a project which gravitates around the ritual of the Parades. In  May and June  2017 at La Briqueterie- Centre de Dévelopment Chorégraphique (FR) and Tanzhaus Zurich (S), they  worked on the first act infused by Tchaikovsky’s Apotheosis of the ballet ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and the American ‘Ticker Tape Parade’. Their collaboration will culminate into a three act performance that will be presented in non-traditional urban settings, unannounced and DYI spirit in 2018.

 Chantal Yzermans/Radical Low was invited by curators Jan Fabre/Joanna De Vos to present a new video/performance in  the exhibition The Raft .Art is (not) Lonely that runs from  October 2017  till April 2018 at Mu.ZEE /Oostende (BE). 

Past artistic collaborators : 

Kurt Ralske- Hrvatski -Michael Attias -Kota Yamazaki - Laetitia Bica - Ronald Stoops - Cedric Andrieux - Ashley Chen - Mikes Poppe -Nono Pessoa - Leon Vranken - Mina Nishimura - Silas Riener -Carlos Aires - MADMOIZEL -Dr. Joelle Adrien- Jean Paul Lespagnard