Concept/Performance : Chantal Yzermans

based on a solo performance of Merce Cunningham ‘Totem Ancestor’  and  the musical composition by John Cage (1942)

 ARTinternational Istanbul 2014 , September 25-27

Halic Congress Center Istanbul, Turkey

Chantal Yzermans, has identified, brought together and plays around with mutual common- denominators held between seemingly estranged factors. Namely, primal nature and advanced science, elitist and mass culture and entertainment, public and private experience.   (Douglas Park, London, 2014)

During  ARTinternational Istanbul 2014 ,  the choreographer Chantal Yzermans was invited to present  her first intervention based on the appropriation of  'TOTEM ANCESTOR'. A   solo dance work made and danced  by the American choreographer Merce Cunningham in 1942.  Merce Cunningham made this solo for himself in 1942, in the spring of his talent as a soloist, on a  musical composition made by  John Cage.  Transforming the legal restrictions surrounding the intellectual properties of this solo by Merce Cunningham, this  solo was  danced by  Chantal Yzermans  in a private space in Istanbul, while the auditory/breathing interpretation of this performance was shared publicly during  the Istanbul ARTinternational and through live streaming .